National Library Information Resources management Directorate National Library Information Resources management Directorate

National Library Information Resources Management Directorate is established to implement some of the duties given to the Agency in order achieve the objectives of the Ethiopian National Archive and Library Agency through:-

  • Collecting relevant information resources based on the information needs of its users
  • Analyzing and organizing the information sources for easy access.
  • Supporting different libraries throughout the country, both in providing information resources and professional consultancy service in order to  fulfill their gaps in the area
  •  Preserving   and  maintaining activities to make the information Resources  pass to the next generations
  • Compiling National Bibliography to support research development in the nation

Based on this fact, the Directorate stands to serve the Agency as a back bone, especially in satisfying the information needs of the citizens and developing reading habit in the nation

 The main Activities of the Directorate:-

I. Collection Development

  • Collecting 3 copies from each published material (books, journals, research papers, magazines, news papers, audiovisuals, etc…) throughout the country based on proclamation No. 179/1999 of the Agency.
  • Collecting all kinds of information resources produced both nationally and internationally through purchase based on the information needs of the users.
  • Collecting through gift by communicating with individual donors, governmental and nongovernmental organizations.
  • Collecting all information resources captured by Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority from illicit imports. .
  • Collecting manuscripts and rare books from different Religious sectors and Monasteries through ought the country using micro film and digital camera.
  • Cooperating with other Directorates to facilitate the return of original or copy of literary documents which were taken out of the country.
  • Providing awareness creation service on collection development, preservation, the mandates given to the Agency and the responsibilities of the publishers, authors, researchers and other information resources producers as well as distributors to all stake holders throughout the country.

II. Information /Resource organization

  • Analyzing and systematically organizing the information resources collected through different ways using modern technology in order to maximize accessibility.

III. Information resources Distribution and professional  support:-

  • Distributing information resources/giving support to all Schools, Universities, Colleges and Public Libraries in the country based on their needs.
  • Providing professional support/giving consultancy service on the collection development, systematical organization, Information literacy and information provision to meet the information needs of the users. 

IV. Information Resources preservation:-

  • Supporting  in advance protection from natural and manmade disaster of all  manuscripts, rear books  and others that  signifies  the economic, societal ,political and cultural values  and  owned  by   individuals .Government ,non government organizations and religious sectors  at the place where the  materials are kept.
  • Working   on the protection of digitalized and microfilmed information sources to preserve them for the next generation.
  • Performing restoration activities in order to keep their originality.  
  • Changing the information resources collected in soft cover to hard cover/bind, repair /bind the information resources that are damaged through long service to maximize their durability.

V. National Bibliography :-

  • Compiling National Bibliography to support research development by showing what information resource is published in Ethiopia, when, on what subject and by whom  it is written /published .